The Bristlecone Pine Trail in Utah

Right off of Cedar City, Utah and a few miles after entering the UT-14 into Dixie National Forest, is the Bristlecone Pine Trail. If you ever find yourself visiting the south side of Dixie National Forest, you should make a point to stop at this trail. You can see it on Google maps here. Bristlecone Pine Trail is a short and lovely trail. A great quick stop to admire the Virgin River Valley. It is a straight path trail with a slight almost unnoticeable elevation until you get to the Virgin River Valley & Bristle Cone Pine Lookout. The overlook is the best part. It was a pleasant surprise to my kids and me, to experience all that view.

An Overview of Bristlecone Pine Trail

The overlook scenery is beautiful as you can view almost the entire south side of the park. I have seen pictures of the overlook in the winter, and it is a lovely, more like a breathtaking sight to behold. The entire valley in the winter can be seen covered by snow. I have made a point to go back in the winter to experience it myself. Providing the road is open, and I have learned to put tire chains on my car’s tires. The overlook is the end of the trail, and the way back makes a circle so you can enjoy a different view on the way back.

A Great Way to Get Away on a Saturday Afternoon

My son was visiting on that weekend in October of 2017. He has decided to stay with his dad in Las Vegas to finish his school in the magnet program. This week was a three-day off weekend, and it was an excellent opportunity to bring him over and enjoy his school break in Utah. We woke up a little later that Saturday and went out to have lunch. After lunch, we decided to head out to Dixie National Forest and pick a place where we could take a walk together as a family yet not too extreme to make us exhausted. We had plans to watch a movie at the theater that night, so we wanted to save our energy.

I had already marked Bristlecone Pine Trail as a place that I wanted to go check out, so it was my first suggestion to them. They agreed, but I could see the skepticism on their faces because every time I tell them is a short walk, it ended up being a five-hour long hike. Lucky me, this was a quick and easy trail. We met a lovely couple at the overlook, and they explained to us about the circle shape of this path. We stayed there for at least thirty minutes taking pictures and enjoying our time together as a family. Altogether it took us a whole hour from the moment we left the car till the time we got back to it. The small walk through this trail was a fantastic view to admire. It was also, the best way to spend some quality time with my little ones, which truthfully are not so small anymore. Oh, Lord. Where has the time gone? I still remember when I was the tallest one at home.

Photos of Our Walk To Bristlecone Pine Trail

Our Video of Britlecone Pine Trail.

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