The Inspiring Scenes of Zion National Park

Those who have visited Zion National Park in Utah know well what this headline means. Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful parks in the U.S. It has gorgeous canyons and several trails that are sure to give you a great experience every time you visit. Zion Park’s tall rock formations of vibrant and distinct red colors are the most impressive view to see. Continue reading “The Inspiring Scenes of Zion National Park”

Exquisite Bryce Canyon National Park

We have beautiful national parks in the U.S., and then we have Bryce Canyon National Park. The reason for this expression is because Bryce Canyon is the only park in the entire world that has the Hoodoos. The Hoodoos are unique rock formations, created mainly by the erosion  caused by the wind. They give Bryce Canyon its exquisite look and unforgettable experience. Continue reading “Exquisite Bryce Canyon National Park”