Exquisite Bryce Canyon National Park

We have beautiful national parks in the U.S., and then we have Bryce Canyon National Park. The reason for this expression is because Bryce Canyon is the only park in the entire world that has the Hoodoos. The Hoodoos are unique rock formations, created mainly by the erosion  caused by the wind. They give Bryce Canyon its exquisite look and unforgettable experience. You could spend a week camping at Bryce Canyon, and you probably wouldn’t be able to see all of it. This park is a place that you will perhaps plan to come back many times.

An Overview of Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon’s location is next to the Zion National Park, and many people get confused thinking that both parks are the same. Click here to get it on Google Maps. Its altitude is between 8,000-9,000 ft. above sea level. Because of the altitude you may feel a little out of breath. If you are planning to visit the park, going to the National Parks website is a great way to plan your trip. However, the most important advice I could give you is to wear comfortable clothes and to stop by the visitor center as soon as you arrive. Visitors centers will fill you in on the history of the park and the most exciting facts about the place. I certainly did stop with my kids and thanks to the 15 minutes movie we watched; we left the visitor center better knowing what to look for when visiting the most important points.

What an Amazing Place to Share With My Kids.

This beautiful trip happened on the last weekend of August 2015. Like I mentioned it before, our first stop was the visitor center. As soon as we left the visitor center, we traced our plan. Bryce Canyon has many trails and canyons to visit, but we did not have the time to stay and explore. Since we only had one day to spend at the park, we decided to visit all the scenic views in the morning and hike the Navajo Loop Trail in the afternoon. You can read about our Navajo Loop Trail Hike here. All the most beautiful points are to the left of the road, so we went straight to the last point which was Rainbow Point and worked our way back. Rainbow Point is the highest point at the park, and you can see almost the entire park from there. Just breathtaking! Then we headed back to the second from the last point which was the Natural Bridge Point. The Natural Bridge showcases a unique rock formation where the wind created a hole in the rock and shaped it to look like a bridge. The next stop was the Fairview Point, and the next ones were Bryce and Inspiration Point. Each point was a unique view of the park.

Time to Go Back to The Hotel.

Finally we stopped at the last point. The Sunrise Point, which has the broadest view of all the Hoodoos formations and the start point for the Navajo Loop Trail hike. We took several pictures, and it was a beautiful place to see. However, the most beautiful thing I saw there were my kid’s faces. They were so impressed by all the views; they could barely assimilate the beauty of that place. If I could take a moment to tell you how important this memories are to our kids; I guess it would take me more than just a moment…We checked out the people who were just coming back from their hikes and left to the hotel for a quick-lunch. It was starting to get cloudy, and the rain was coming, but we didn’t want to miss out on our afternoon hike which ended up being the highlight of our trip.


Gallery of Our Bryce Canyon Trip

Video of our trip to Bryce Canyon 🙂

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