Navajo Loop Trail at Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park has many trails for all levels. The Navajo Loop Trail is one that, when possible, should be experienced by all visitors. It is a short hike on a smooth trail, but it is steep and requires some balance. The way down is easy as you are walking down the path. This hike is an excellent opportunity to take beautiful pictures. Take a couple of water bottles because it takes about 15 minutes to get down to the bottom and another 20-25 minutes to go back up as the steepness makes you stop a few times to catch your breath. This hike is so well worth it, as this trail is beautiful when you get to the bottom, with tall walls of rocks forming the narrows on the trail.

An Overview of the Navajo Loop Trail.

If you visit the beautiful scenes of Bryce Canyon, it is already a fun adventure to have, but you can go a step further and take your kids or yourself alone and go into the Navajo Loop Trail, and it will make you feel like you “really” visited Bryce Canyon. I always say, if you visit any national park, make sure you go on one trail in that park, to make the most out of that experience. The Navajo Loop Trail starts right at the Sunset Point location and it has two paths to choose for getting down at the bottom of the trail. Click here to get it on Google Maps. Just make sure you stop to get a map at the visitor center to get all the information you need. You can also find maps and more information about it at National Parks Services website. Bryce Canyon was a one of a kind trip for us. You can read about our Bryce Canyon visit here.

A Fun Experience With My Kids.

Our first visit to Bryce Canyon was at the end of August of 2015, so it was still a hot weather, but luckily not so hot. Utah has a fantastic weather in the summer. We started our walk down into the loop right after lunch time and unfortunately or fortunately, depends on how you look at it, it was cloudy and getting ready to start raining. On the way down, my kids were having fun, and I was just making sure they wouldn’t trip and fall on the zig-zag type of trail down to the bottom. As we got down there, we were amazed by the walls of rocks and the narrow trail which is rightfully called ” Wall Street”. It was starting to sprinkle rain already, but we did not want to leave just yet.

In the meantime, we took pictures and even made a video of a squirrel that was passing by our way. We sat on the cold floor, relaxing and just watching other people being amazed at the beautiful walls this trail has. Then we headed up, and that was a little tougher. We took a few breaks going back up the trail. When you are with your kids, you should always make sure you take breaks, even if they don’t feel so tired. By having them take constant and short breaks, it prevents them to fall and get hurt from being tired. It also allows them to enjoy the adventure so much more.

At The End of The Day.

Finally back at the hotel, we were talking how much fun that hike was. I’m glad we took pictures and videos, so we will always be able to go back and relive those moments. The Navajo Loop Trail hike was the highlight of our trip to Bryce Canyon. It made us learn so much about the unique rock formation at the park. By going on this hike, it didn’t only give us a great sense of accomplishment; but it also allowed us to bond and to forget the stress of our daily lives and enjoy that extraordinary moment together as a family.

Gallery of Our Hike at Navajo Loop Trail

Video of our hike at Navajo Loop Trail 🙂

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