A Beautiful Day at Red Cliffs National Conservation.

If you ever find yourself in the Saint George, Utah area and would like to go to a beautiful place with red colored rocks formations, small water ponds and with a comfortable level hike to get there, then Red Cliffs National Conservation area is the place for you to go. The Red Cliffs is a perfect little escape from your busy trip, and it is only a one hour two-way walk. This was the day I started to enjoy the outdoors with my kids. Red Cliffs is a great place to relax with family or by yourself. 

An Overview of Red Cliffs National Conservation.

As in many places in Utah, Red Cliffs also has the lovely red colored rock formations that are so unique due to the iron mineral as part of the terrain. Red Cliffs is located in the Washington County, and it is next to the west of I-15 between Saint George and Cedar City in Utah. It can be a little tricky to get there. You can click here to get it on Google maps. Red Cliffs is a national conservation area, so there is a fee to get in. The official Bureau of Land Management website has a further explanation about the topography of this reservation, and you can visit their website here. Red Cliffs is also a great place for camping, and it has an excellent camping site for the ones looking to spend the night. Like I said before, it is 30 minutes walking with a slight elevation to Water Canyon, where the beautiful ponds are. Red Cliffs sits at a lower altitude than most of Utah terrain so it can be hot. Make sure you wear proper clothing and shoes and have plenty of water available. This hike is a great adventure to have just as I had it with my kids.

A Great Day Together.

It was a Saturday in May of 2015. By living in Las Vegas for many years, I can tell you that there are not many places in Nevada to get away from the big city. On that Saturday morning, I woke up and searched on my phone for any trip that we could do that day. Something short that would allow me to go and come back the same day. Spotted this reservation right off Saint George, which is only 1.5 hours from Las Vegas. We got ready and got on the road. Google maps had the wrong directions; it sent me to the visitor center in Saint George where luckily they explained to me how to get there.

Once we made it there, we started our walk. Yes, my kids were complaining about the trail. They always do. However, I never let them give up, and I kept telling them it would be worth it. Nowadays, it is not easy for parents to separate your kids from their technological devices and they will always give you an excuse not to go, but don’t give in to their explanations. They will thank you at the end of that adventure. Just keep pushing them to want to collect moments and not things. We live in critical times where parents need to guide their kids on the right path.

We passed the first pond and kept going until we got to Water Canyon. We were hot because it was already May and the kids right away jumped into the water that was surprisingly cold. We spent a couple of hours playing in the water and headed back through the same trail to our car. We did see a family from Utah playing in the first pond we had seen, and we stopped to check it out. Their kids were jumping from the cliff into the pond and in the spur of the moment, my son, who was ten years old then, and I decided to jump as well. What a great way to end our day, not to mention it made my son feel super brave. We headed back to the car and talked on the way back about what a great adventure we had at Red Cliffs National Conservation. This day was also important because it made me realize how essential it is being with my kids outdoors.

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Jumping off the cliff at Red Cliffs.

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