The Author

My Kids and I at the beautiful Lower Creek Falls trail in Utah.

Hi, I’m Debora Campos, a new resident in the state of Utah and mother of three beautiful kids. I was born in Chile, raised in Brazil and have lived in this beautiful country that I call home for the last 23 years. In the year 2015, I went through a personal transformation that led me to appreciate the outdoors and to teach my kids to enjoy moments and not things. I have visited Utah ever since and fell in love with the beautiful landscape plus the opportunity to explore all parks and forests. This personal blog site is to share my adventures in Utah, to hopefully inspire you to start creating moments with your loved ones and allow mother nature heal your and your family’s deepest wounds.

Mother of Three Beautiful Kids.

I love my kids with all my heart, and I assure you I wouldn’t be half the woman who I am today if it weren’t for them. The reason I want to tell you about them is that they are the reason for me  to even be here writing this blog. My eldest is Bruna, which is 24 years old and an exceptional young woman. My second is Bryanna, which is now 16 years old. Bryanna was born at 23 weeks of pregnancy. The most beautiful side about Bryanna is her Autism. My third is Braxton, which is now 13 years old. He is a brilliant young man, and my wish is for him to use his intelligence to change the world. I am not sure if I was ever okay with being married, and after my divorce, being married never crossed my mind again because I wanted to be there for my kids. All this dedication to my kids was not enough to keep out difficult times through which we have been. The most important part of going through painful times is how open are you to let them change your heart?

My Kids Changed My Life.

I can tell you that, even with all the difficult times I had been through, I was never willing to make a change until I was. I searched for happiness in material things which it made me always stressed out and tired from working so much. I was often irritated and yelling at my kids. Then, there was that one day that I woke up and decided to change my life. It was a slow process but as I started traveling more with them I found out that spending time with my kids in nature created a powerful bond between us as a family. I sold my house, quit my job and moved to Utah. I am presently finishing my bachelor’s in communications so I can be the best at saying what I need to say.

My Message to All Parents.

The message that I have to you parent is that the challenges I have lived in my life are no different from yours. It takes courage to let go of what we have known for so long. Society will measure your worth by your accomplishments and your material possessions, and we are prisoners of these demands. Now, do you want the same for your kids? Maybe the challenges you are going through at home could be the sign for you to make a change? Don’t be afraid of letting go of material things. When your kids are grown and they look back at their lives, they will not remember the iPad you gave them or the 65 inches TV they had in the living room. They will only remember the moments you had together. Even if they are all grown up, it is never too late to create beautiful memories.